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Document Management Services Providing deposition, and,interpreting that helps you serve your clients. Certified Deposition & Legal Interpreting Services.

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In countless court cases, including hearings, and workers’ compensation claims, we have provided support. Our qualified staff members are skilled in more than 200 languages and dialects, as well as legal interpretation.

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Document Management Services

International services of process and consulting on evidence taking including depositions and document production.


For everything from client consultations and investigations to depositions and hearings, our skilled, trained interpreters use their understanding of legal procedure and sector-specific terminology to deliver correct communication.

Deposition Preparation

When deposing an English-speaking witness or interpreting legal documents in another language, you need reliable interpretation services. Words matter in legal proceedings, and their meaning can affect outcomes.

Deposition Reviews

Document Management Services summarizes deposition transcripts for busy attorneys and law firms. Outsourced deposition summaries can reduce litigation costs by simplifying complex deposition testimony.

Compromise and Release

The insurance company pays the injured worker a lump sum to settle the workers’ compensation case in a compromise and release . Present and future lost wages and medical expenses determine the settlement’s value.

Stipulations Services

The Stipulations With Request For Award settlement documents must be approved by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (“WCAB”) judge. The judge approves the Stips by signing an order form called a Stipulation With Award (“Stipulated Award”).


Document Management Services interpreters know medical and legal protocol. Large and small meetings receive simultaneous conference interpreting, electronic equipment, and engineers.

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Help for Workers' Comp Services

You can rely on Document Management Services to provide door-to-door non-emergency medical transportation when you need to make plans for transportation to medical appointments such as hearings, therapy sessions, or independent medical exams. You can make these arrangements whenever you need to by contacting Document Management Services. DMS is available to assist you if you have a need for this type of transportation.

RUSH Legal Services

Put your faith in DMS if you have an urgent necessity for linguistic solutions that must be given on time and must be accurate. You will not only have a quick turnaround time with our expedited and same-day interpreting, and deposition, but you will also receive the individualised treatment that our customers have come to expect with each and every project request. This means that you will not only have a quick turnaround time, but you will also have a quick turnaround time. This is due to the fact that our clients have grown accustomed to receiving this kind of service.

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History of Document Management Services

In 1983, we launched the first of what would become a large number of enterprises in New York City’s Financial District, which is also the location of our current headquarters. This neighbourhood is home to a variety of commercial and financial institutions. The goal was straightforward: to provide deposition, and interpreting services of the greatest possible quality to individual legal practitioners, law firms, and government organisations, all while adhering to rigorous deadlines and maintaining complete anonymity.

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Document Management Services Values

DMS has achieved a reputation that is well-deserved for the quality and accuracy of the work that we perform as a consequence of our commitment to excellence and the high standards that we have established for ourselves. This reputation is based on the work that we do. Both individuals and corporations can receive helpfully, individualised attention from our big in-house staff, which consists of linguists, licenced attorneys, and experienced project managers. Our staff is able to do this because of our size and expertise.

Clients of Document Management Services

Over the course of the past more than three decades, DMS has been offering deposition, and interpreting services in addition to other legal support services to individuals, law firms, sole practitioners, insurance companies, and other insurance companies along with other legal professionals. These services are provided to individuals, law firms, sole practitioners, insurance companies, and other insurance companies. This entails offering these services together with several other types of legal support services. We have not been confronted with a circumstance that calls for a reaction or a resolution that we are presently unable to deliver.

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