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Interpreting Services

Interpreting is the transmission of a spoken or signed language into another language. DMS offer more than just translation and interpreting services. As a full-service language support.


The Document Management Service offers certified Interpretations of the transcripts produced after verbatim transcription of surveillance recordings. Our bilingual staff can also help with the examination of transcripts and translations that have been offered as proof.

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Transcription & Multimedia

A variety of multimedia services are provided by Document Management Service for legal practitioners. Verbatim transcription, voiceovers, subtitles, and graphic design are a few of the services we offer. You may depend on Document Management Service to deliver official transcripts of spoken testimony, video evidence subtitles, and expert graphics for use as visual aids.

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Our team Interpretation approach routinely produces expert outcomes that are both on time and within budget. You may rely on Document Management Service for everything from massive projects that benefit from categorization and draught interpretation to intricate legal papers that demand expert editing and proofreading.

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