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The insurance company pays the injured worker a lump sum to settle the workers’ compensation case in a compromise & release. Present and future lost wages and medical expenses determine the settlement’s value.

The Stipulations With Request For Award settlement documents must be approved by the Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (“WCAB”) judge. |DMS legal interpretation services

What is a compromise and release?

A compromise and release (C&R) is an agreement in which the insurance company pays the injured worker a lump sum check to settle the entire workers’ compensation case. The value of the settlement is determined mainly by the present (and projected future) lost wages and medical care expenses.

A C&R will occur in two situations:

  • when the injury has been denied by the insurance carrier
  • when the injured worker’s condition is considered permanent and stationary, and the amount of disability has been determined

A C&R agreement must be approved by a workers’ compensation judge.

Compromise and Release

What does a settlement agreement contain?

settlement agreement contains below things. | DMS legal interpretation services
  • The date of injury
  • Case number
  • Injured body parts
  • Where the injury occurred
  • Whether it is a specific injury or cumulative trauma
  • Whether there is temporary disability or permanent disability
  • The dollar value of the settlement
What does a settlement agreement contain? | DMS legal interpretation services
  • Date of death
  • Name of widow/widower
  • Name and ages of all children
  • Names of all other dependents
  • Whether dependents were totally or partially supported by the deceased worker
  • Amount of death benefit
  • Who the death benefit is paid to

The process for executing a C&R

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C&R usually settles California workers' compensation cases.

Most injured workers prefer to settle the entire workers’ compensation case. It gives an injured worker an immediate lump sum settlement.

The benefit of future medical care may not be appealing to an injured worker as he or she may have private health insurance. The injured worker does not necessarily need the workers’ compensation insurance company to pay for future medical care.

When contacted by the insurance company about a C&R settlement, an injured worker should carefully consider his or her case’s value. An injured worker should attempt to negotiate a settlement and not rush into an agreement.

C&R usually settles California workers' compensation cases. |DMS legal interpretation services
Contact document management service for the assistance. | DMS legal interpretation services

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