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Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation is best for formal groupings. In simultaneous interpreting, the interpreter translates in real-time. This requires wireless headphones, microphones, and soundproof booths.

Interpretation and Transcription


Simultaneous Interpreting for Legal Proceedings

Interpreting is excellent for big groups in formal contexts. The simultaneous interpreter translates the speaker’s words in real time. It usually requires wireless headphones, microphones, and soundproof booths.

Simultaneous interpreting is done on site. However, it can be used in remote video scenarios.

At DMS, we provide court interpreters versed with protocol and simultaneous interpreting equipment to facilitate legal hearings.

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Why Choose Document Management services?

Budget-friendly, personalised service

Document Management services focuses on tailored client solutions. We'll help you choose the best option for your conference, presentation, or court procedure.

Legal Authorities Trust Us

DMS is the official interpreter for Fortune 500 businesses, banks, and governments. We interpret state and federal processes, international conferences, and public forums.

35+ Years

Our interpreters have years of courtroom, hearing, and trial expertise. Their knowledge of legal vocabulary and protocol ensures clear, accurate, and professional interpretations.

Consecutive Interpreting in Different Settings

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DMS understands the importance of precision and detail. A minor mistake can be costly.

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Clear communication is crucial to any event's success, thus you must reach speakers of any language.

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Need a medical interpreter for a client's insurance claim medical exam? Or a USCIS medical exam interpreter? Call us.

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