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legal Deposition Services are a component of the pre-trial discovery procedure.

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what is a legal deposition?

The discovery process enables both sides involved in a legal case to unearth all the pertinent facts and learn about the other side’s view of the case, so as to map out an effective legal strategy. Deposition services are usually taken from key witnesses, but can also involve the plaintiff or defendant, and often take place in an attorney’s office rather than the courtroom.

The individual making the deposition is known as the deponent. Since the deponent is under oath, false statements can carry civil and criminal penalties.


For everything from client consultations and investigations to depositions and hearings, our skilled, trained interpreters use their understanding of legal procedure and sector-specific terminology to deliver correct communication.
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Deposition Preparation​

When deposing an English-speaking witness or interpreting legal documents in another language, you need reliable legal translation and interpretation services. Words matter in legal proceedings and their meaning can affect outcomes.
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Deposition Reviews​

DMS summarizes deposition transcripts for busy attorneys and law firms. Outsourced deposition summaries can reduce litigation costs by simplifying complex deposition testimony.
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Compromise and Release​

The insurance company pays the injured worker a lump sum to settle the workers’ compensation case in a compromise and release . Present and future lost wages and medical expenses determine the settlement’s value.
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Stipulations Services​

The Stipulations With Request For Award settlement documents must be approved by the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (“WCAB”) judge. The judge approves the Stips by signing an order form called a Stipulation With Award.
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DMS interpreters know medical and legal protocol. Large and small meetings receive simultaneous conference interpreting, electronic equipment, and engineers.​
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