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Video Remote Interpreting

In a typical video remote interpreting situation, both parties are located in the same room with a webcam, videophone, and television or computer screen.

Interpretation and Transcription


Video Remote Interpreters As Needed

DMS offers VRI in ASL, Cantonese, Creole, Mandarin, Spanish, and more than a dozen languages. Our system is platform-agnostic, so you may connect using any web browser on a laptop, desktop, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. You can connect to a professional interpreter in seconds with a camera, microphone, and internet. DMS helps with client meetings, medical consultations, and recorded statements.

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Why Use Remote Video Interpreting?

Telework, healthcare, and other remote productivity solutions require Interpreters. You need a way to communicate with multilingual consumers and coworkers across linguistic boundaries.

Video remote interpreting helps. VRI allows non-verbal indications to be collected even when an interpreter isn’t present. VRI allows on-demand, dependable communication between people who speak different languages.

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The Benefits of Our VRI Platform

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Why Choose Document Management services?

We Offer Customized Solutions at Competitive Prices

At Document Management services, we focus on providing individualised service for each of our customers. In-person, on-site, or over the phone, we can accommodate your request for consecutive interpreting services.

Legal and Medical Authorities Around the World Trust Us

DMS is the official interpreter for Fortune 500 businesses, banks, and governments. We interpret state and federal processes, international conferences, medical exams, and public forums.

35+ Years of Experience

Our interpreters have years of expertise in courtrooms, tribunals, hospitals, and clinics. Their knowledge of legal and medical terminology and protocol ensures clarity, correctness, and professionalism. DMS interpreters comply with HIPAA.

Consecutive Interpreting in Different Settings

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DMS understands the importance of precision and detail. A minor mistake can be costly.

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Clear communication is crucial to any event's success, thus you must reach speakers of any language.

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Need a medical interpreter for a client's insurance claim medical exam? Or a USCIS medical exam interpreter? Call us.

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