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DMS summarizes deposition transcripts for busy attorneys and law firms. Outsourced deposition reviews can reduce litigation costs by simplifying complex deposition testimony.

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Why Outsource Deposition Review?

Deposition testimony can aid your client’s representation. However, reading complex testimony is time-consuming and frustrating. 

A reputable deposition summary company will provide a summary of each deposition. This can help you manage your case-building time.

 Instead of using a paralegal or legal assistant who doesn’t know how to do a deposition summary, hire a firm that does them professionally. Deposition digest documents are delivered in your preferred format, improving productivity and cost efficiency.

 Professional deposition summary services may be cheaper than internal resources because fewer insurance companies reimburse law firms at their hourly rates for summaries.

Deposition Summary Services

Professionals at DMS summarize depositions. Each deposition summarizer is experienced in your legal matters.

The deposition summary team quickly reviews and summarizes client deposition testimony. Proofreading and consistency checks follow.

Our experts provide deposition summaries in your preferred format quickly because litigation matters. Finally, client and firm confidentiality will always be maintained.

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Why DMS for Deposition Summaries?

DMS understands the challenges of any litigation. We provide deposition transcripts, summaries, and more. We provide reliable, cost-effective services to law firms, attorneys, and corporate legal departments nationwide to help attorneys focus on client representation rather than administrative tasks.

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